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Necrocasticon, where we blend horror fiction with heavy metal. Each week we’ll find a common link between a horror property and heavy metal music and talk about it. Our esteemed panel of experts in the field of metal and all things that are scary includes our host and moderator; author Thomas R Clark, Mr. Scott, Smoking Walt Ball, Sgt Fury Dan Roberts, and Uncle Skip Novak. Not to mention, each week we’ll feature special guests from the worlds of hard rock music and the horror genre in print and on the screen!

Feb 20, 2017

Welcome to Volume 2 Chapter 41 of the Necrocasticon, Project Entertainment Network's podcast that blends horror and heavy metal properties with a common connection. This week, host Token Tom Clark and our panel of horror and metal experts are going to New Orleans. It's almost Mardi Gras, and Maxx Axe, Smoking Walt Hades and Azriel Mordecai are heading to the home of horror and metal in the south.

We've enlisted the aid of a band in the heart of it, too. Lafayette, Louisiana’s White Light Cemetery. Their sound blends Raging Slab with The Four Horsemen and a bit of Black Sabbath for a unique mixture that we love here at the Necrocasticon. Ryan Robin and Thomas Colley from the band hop on board our midnight train and talk their music, influences and the horror of the deep south.

Plus, Walt is Kreatoring something in the smoker, Tom tells us the over under on John Wick 2's head shot count, Az brings us a Valentines gift from Death in June and Maxx Axe & Revelation 13 have this week in metal & horror history.