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Necrocasticon, where we blend horror fiction with heavy metal. Each week we’ll find a common link between a horror property and heavy metal music and talk about it. Our esteemed panel of experts in the field of metal and all things that are scary includes our host and moderator; author Thomas R Clark, Mr. Scott, Smoking Walt Ball, Sgt Fury Dan Roberts, and Uncle Skip Novak. Not to mention, each week we’ll feature special guests from the worlds of hard rock music and the horror genre in print and on the screen!

Mar 19, 2018

Writer and musician Lucas Milliron joins Tom, Scott, Walt and Az for a trippy Volume 3 Chapter 45 of the Necrocasticon. With the passing of the grand space wizard and protector of our Earth, Stephen Hawking, we are ask ourselves... 

Is reality safe from the madness of time & space? Cosmic horror reaches into our your mind and snaps the fabric of reality that holds your delicate psyche in sanity. Movies have given us glimpses into the dark side of the cosmos, as have the works of HP Lovecraft and most all horror authors to come after.

And it is glorious to behold.

But that's not all. Az will tell you about Lenore in the mortuary, our reviews may be doomy this week, but they are colorful... Walt combines two Green Druids into one for public consumption in the Smoker, and Tom picked up some Sinister Sides from Oakland doom metallers Blackwulf.