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Necrocasticon, where we blend horror fiction with heavy metal. Each week we’ll find a common link between a horror property and heavy metal music and talk about it. Our esteemed panel of experts in the field of metal and all things that are scary includes our host and moderator; author Thomas R Clark, Mr. Scott, Smoking Walt Ball, Sgt Fury Dan Roberts, and Uncle Skip Novak. Not to mention, each week we’ll feature special guests from the worlds of hard rock music and the horror genre in print and on the screen!

Aug 31, 2020

We talk to Phillip S. Plowden, Celeste M. Cooper and Devon Colwell from Range Runners about the psychological survival film, and we also review the movie. Plus we dig into a Deep Cuts discussion with Walter.

Aug 24, 2020

Welcome to Volume 6 6 6 chapter 17 of The Necroccasticon. This week we talk to writer, director, and novelist Gregory Lamberson, the man behind the film adaptation of Richard and Billy Chizmar’s Widow’s Point.

Then all bets are off as Tom and Walter slug it out over the new pandemic. No, not the Covid 19m plague....

Aug 17, 2020

Welcome to volume 666 chapter 16 of the Necrocasticon, where we blend horror and heavy metal for your pleasure and ours.

This week we remember producer Martin Birch, and talk about Lighthouses in horror.

It turns out Skip is actually an expert on Lighthouses, so we made him watch Cold skin, The Lighthouse, and...

Aug 10, 2020

Welcome to Volume 666 Chapter 15 of the Necrocasticon, where we blend horror and heavy metal for your pleasure, and ours.

This month, the Necrocasticon is brought to you by the Secret Comix Cave in Oneonta, New York. Visit them in person at thirty-two hundred Plaza on Chestnut St. in Oneonta or online at...

Aug 3, 2020

This week we have a very special guest in part one of our two-part expose on Vampire The Masquerade, and the World of Darkness shared universe role-playing games.

And who better to have as our guest for part one than the man who created it all, Mark Rein-Hagen.

Mark joins us from his hotel at a secret, undisclosed...